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As a 34 male with an identified form of muscle dystrophy, the Gentonix products if been using for the past four months have helped immensely with my ailments. My discomfort and pain in my hips shoulders and back is unnoticeable in comparison to the life I assumed I would always have. My debilitating leg cramps from living and working unassisted with a handicap and constant migraine headaches from fracturing my skull 5 years ago have disappeared! I recommend Gentonix products to friends and family it seems on a daily basis. I’m so thankful for Gentonix team for always being available to answer questions and alleviate any concerns I have. I nearly gave up because anyone who’s tried cbd knows it can be challenging finding the right dose and product. After trying other companies with varying levels of improvements I luckily stumbled Gentonix which is just so impressive from top to bottom. You want find people who care more and consistently put out an amazing product without cutting any corners. With Gentonix you’re not just money or a numbered the company, you feel like a valuable member of a team that is working together for the betterment of anyone who is suffering from ailments large or small. I’m so thankful and I look forward to our journey of health and happiness!

Jonathan P., St. Augustine, FL

I highly recommend the Gentonix brand. I suffer from fibromyalgia and sleep problems. The oil did wonders for my pain and the rso tablets are awesome for people that have difficulty falling and staying asleep. I also wake up feeling refreshed. The Team at Gentonix is highly knowledgeable and work with you to find the perfect products for your ailments and needs. I’m a very satisfied customer and highly recommend their products.

Michelle F., Ohio

Thank you so much for the opportunity to start with Gentonix. After the nightmare waiting for my medicine for 3 weeks from the other company. I have noticed a difference in my energy & some people have noticed an improvement on my speech. This is a very big plus for me because, having no other way to treat my ataxia. Gentonix is highly recommended by me. Always addressing concerns & treatment with cbd oil. Not pushing sales but giving advice. Never have been given test results from products that I am taking from other companies. This is a great practice & way to keep peoples knowledge about your prouducts. Thank you so much.

Terri H., Attleboro, MA

I have been using Gentonix CBD oil and can highly recommend these oils. I have found I have a marked reduction in my pain levels. For the first time in a very long time my RA is manageable!!

Kara L.

Gentonix has been great for my sleep and dealing with my anxiety. I take their oil every night and it helps me mentally get through my day. Their team knows what they are talking about and really appreciate their help.

Jan C., Illinois