About Gentonix

Gentonix CBD

Gentonix is on a mission to provide you with a natural remedy to help you enhance our life with CBD.  Our team consist of formulators, US domestic hemp farmers, scientist, herbalist, chemist, extractors, CBD advocates, medical professionals, and manufacturers. Together we have the same mission to develop premium CBD formulas and products to help support your daily life.

Our strong relationship with the CBD community gives us control of the quality of CBD products we can provide.  Gentonix works with farms from Oregon to Colorado to Kentucky.  It starts with sourcing hemp from cultivars that believe in high quality farming standards.  This includes pesticide free, GMO free, and organic practices.

Beyond the sourcing of raw material, it’s also important that we bring science and expertise to formulating and processing the material into a quality product.  Although the FDA does not allowed any company to make any claims, we’ve have had numerous feedback from our CBD users that our products have changed their life for the better.  We are gearing our research and development to actually help people manage certain conditions.

We believe in living a healthier and happier life.  Give us a chance to help you reach that goal.