Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes may be a bit of a mystery to some, but it’s more common than you think.  Terpenes or terpinoids are found in cannabis, but also in common herbs, fruits, and plants as well.  Terpenes give plants that unique aroma and smell.  Besides different cannabis strains, terpenes can be found in everything from lemons to basil to peppercorn.  Regardless of where the terpenes are found the therapeutic effects are well known.  That’s why leafy greens are good for you.

Terpenes that naturally occur in cannabis work naturally together with cannabinoids to produce synergistic effect also known as the “Entourage Effect”.  The Entourage Effect is the combination of the whole plant compounds working together to give you a better therapeutic effect.

This is also the reason why Full Spectrum oil is important.  Full Spectrum is an extraction method that uses the whole hemp plant.  This method does not isolate the single molecules allowing more of the natural compounds to work in harmony.  Broad Spectrum is similar and still uses the whole plant, but uses an additional filtration process to filter out the THC.  This is great for users who want to minimize the THC content.

There are over 200 terpenes that can be found in cannabis or hemp. But most of the terpenes are very minimal, so we’ll discuss the top terpenes here.

Before we move onto discussing terpenes it is a known fact that most of the terpenes are lost during the extraction process in CBD products.  We know that terpenes can play another vital role in the benefit of CBD, for this reason we have added isolated terpenes into some of our formulas.   This includes our Gentonix Gold CBD Oil and Gentonix Sunshine Line.

Here is a terpene chart that displays some of the benefits:

Credit & Source: Leafly

Let’s discuss the properties of certain terpenes we use and what effects they have.


Myrcene is the prominent and one of the most important terpenes.  Myrcene has been known to increase the saturation of the CB1 receptor. Myrcene has special properties that allow chemicals to cross the brain barrier easier and quickly.   This contributes to helping other cannabinoids and terpenes to be more effective and increases it bioavailability.

Myrcene can be found in mango, fruit, thyme, lemongrass, cannabis, hemp, and many other plants.  Here are some of its attributes:

Aromas: Herbal, Cloves, Citrus, Musk

Effects: Relaxing, Sedating, Calm, Enhances Terpenes & Cannabinoids

Therapeutic Benefits: Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory


Caryophyllene’s most relevant property is the ability to interact with the CB2 receptor.  This is the only known terpene to do so.  The affects of this is still being researched heavily for potentially being a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.  It can found in herbs and spices like basil, hops, black pepper, cloves, oregano, rosemary, and cinnamon.  Caryophyllene has also been popular in topicals and salves.

Aromas: Spicy, Peppery, Cinnamon, Hops

Effects: No known physical effects

Therapeutic Benefits: Antifungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic


Linalool reminds us of a floral scent from a spring garden.  Besides cannabis and hemp this terpene can be found in lavender, citrus, birch, coriander, and rosewood.  Linalool has also been used as a sleep aid for thousands of years.  This also makes for an effective treatment of psychosis & anxiety as well as pain and used an anti-epileptic.

Aromas: Lavender, Floral, Citrus, Spice

Effects: Sedating, Calming

Therapeutic Benefits: Anxiety, Anti-Epileptic, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Pain


Pinene like can be found in pine or conifer trees, oranges, and other citrus.  Pinene is known to wake up the senses with its aroma therefore increasing alertness and possibly focus.  The strong aroma has also been known to be a bronchodilator and to help with asthma.  It also provides anti-inflammatory properties.

Aromas: Pine, Sage, Conifers

Effects: Alertness, Memory Retention

Therapeutic Benefits: Inflammation, Asthma


Humulene has a subtle earth tone smell and can have fragrant woodsy, spicy, herbal aroma.  It can also be found in cannabis, basil, hops, and cloves.

Aromas: Woodsy, Earthy

Effects: Appetite Suppressant

Therapeutic Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Tumor, Pharmacokinetic, Pain


Just like its name suggest limonene is known to be found in lemons among other citrus fruit, cannabis, and other sweet citrus aroma plants. Limonene can also be found in everyday products such as cosmetics and cleaning products.  It works well in topical and cosmetics, because limonene has helps compounds absorb into the skin.  It has also been known to aid in the absorption of other trace terpenes.  As mentioned on WebMD, “Limonene is used to promote weight loss, prevent & treat cancer, and treat bronchitis. “  With this versatile terpene we believe the benefits of infusing it into our formulas a great for multiple reasons.

Aromas: Citrus, Lemon, Orange

Effects: Elevated Mood, Stress Relief

Therapeutic Benefits: Anti-Depressant, Anti-Anxiety, Gastric Reflux, Anti-Fungal

Why We Love Terpenes?

Overall you can see that terpenes offer a long list of health benefits.  At Gentonix, our goal is to find the right combinations of terpenes to infuse into our current CBD products.  We believe this additional step will increase the effects you are looking for when looking to CBD to target certain issues.  IF you understand the what the additional terpenes can help with then it makes it easier for you to figure out what CBD product is for you.