Consult Your Doctor Before Starting CBD

Before taking any supplement or substance for medicinal purposes, we advise you consult your a healthcare professional. He or she can provide clinical information regarding your medical issue and make suggestions about the best form of treatment. This information should not be considered medical advice.  Please read our Disclaimer regarding our products and the use of this website.

When starting a new CBD regimen there are many things to consider.  Trying to find the right CBD dosing regimen is one of those things that are still mystery for many users.  That is fair considering that CBD is fairly new to the main stream market. There is a lot to consider since the market still is not regulated.  Studies and research are still in an infant stage with many grass roots CBD companies leading the charge including Gentonix.

Since we do not know how other CBD companies process their CBD or their quality we will not be speaking on behalf of the other products on the market.  We will only be talking in generality about our Gentonix products and how to figure out what CBD dosing plan works for you.  First we will discuss what variables affect the efficacy of CBD within your body.

While there is many opinions out there on how to calculate CBD Dosing, we have our own theory.  This theory is based on science and real world feedback from hundreds of CBD Users.  So we’ll discuss what the community is suggesting to be safe and then we’ll discuss what we’ve experience with real world users.

Variables to Consider When Figuring our CBD Dosing

Not one single person is the same.  Everyone’s genetics are different and will play a major role on how your body metabolizes CBD.  Other lifestyle factors will also affect the CBD Dosing amount needed for it’s effectiveness.  If you have an active lifestyle then the dosage and it effects will be different than a person that is not as active.  If you have severe conditions then it may require a higher dosage then someone with mild conditions. Your diet is also contributing factor. Since CBD is a naturally extracted cannabinoid, having a healthier diet will accelerate its effectiveness.  The quality of CBD and the potency will also have a profound effect, but here’s a short list of factors to consider:

  • Body Weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Severity of condition
  • Metabolism
  • Diet
  • Quality & Potency of CBD
  • Delivery Method (sublingual, vape, capsule or tablets, etc…)

When trying to find that sweet spot for CBD dosing it may take some trial and error.  It’s important that you write down or keep track of your CBD routine.  Start with the suggested amount on the labels and take it up or down according to how you feel.  If you feel discomfort, then lower your dosage.  If you feel like it’s not working then increase your dosage.  Either way you must let the CBD work in 3-4 day spans so your body can get acclimated to the CBD.  Do not try one dosage one day then suddenly change to a different dosage the next.  Do trial dosing in minimum 3 day periods and adjust from there.  Many CBD experts suggest starting low and slow.  Although we agree with that to an extent we also disagree with that for some situations (more on that later in this article).

Finding the Right CBD Potency & Formula

One of the most confusing things for users is figuring out how to decipher what exactly it is they are buying.  Companies usual follow the same guidelines when labeling CBD products.  The amount of CBD in milligrams and the total volume of the product are usually the main product descriptions on the product.

For example, our Gentonix Blue 1000 has 1000mg of active CBD in a 30 milliliter fluid (1 once) tincture bottle.  This works out to:

1ml (full dropper) = 33 mg CBD

The suggested serving or dose is 0.6ml which equals 20mg of CBD.  Our bottles come with a calibrated dropper which makes it easier to take instead of having to count drops (which is what most companies suggest to measure your dosage.  We make it simple.

With just a little simple math you can figure out how much CBD is in each dropper.  Take the total number of milligrams (mg) of CBD and divide it by the size of the bottle (30ml, 60ml, 120ml).

1000mg divided by 30ml= 33mg of CBD per milliliter (full dropper)

Now how do you know what amount you should start with?  As mentioned earlier in this article there are many factors that contribute to this.  Start with the suggested amount on the bottle and increase or decrease according how you feel.  Remember to allow a minimum of 3 day time span before you make any dosage adjustments.

On another note if you are managing more severe conditions you may require a bigger dosage from the start then titrate down.  If you are taking other medications please make note that CBD should be taken a minimum of 2 hours before.  Through our own user feedback and research we have found that CBD can counteract or cause an adverse reaction if not following this guideline.  If medication is taken before your CBD dose, it can accelerate or amplify the intake of that medication causing undesirable effects.   Please consult your doctor before starting any CBD regimen.

Your weight is also a factor.  General start dosage guideline according to weight:

Under 75lbs: 10mg

75lbs-150lbs: 20mg

150lbs-200lbs: 40mg

200lbs+: 50mg

This is good starting point.  In most cases you will increase your dosage from there dependent on the other factors mentioned.

Delivery Method

There are many ways to take CBD, but the choice of delivery method is also a major factor.  These methods include:

-CBD Oil (sublingual under tongue)

-Capsules or Tablets

-CBD Vapes

-Water Soluble Products


When considering your dosing regimen it important to understand that the delivery method effects the amount of CBD that is actually absorbed.

For the sake of Gentonix CBD products we’ll only discuss the methods offered by us.  As of now we offer CBD Oil, CBD Capsules &Tablets, and CBD Topicals.

Taking CBD oil sublingual under the tongue has been an effective method, because it bypasses the digestive system and enters the blood stream faster & more direct.  This offers a way to increase the availability of CBD. CBD oil taken orally is by far the most popular way to take CBD.

Our G-Tabs and G-Caps are made for CBD users that do not require an instant delivery to their system.  This capsules & tablet line makes taking CBD familiar.  This method is preferred by users that do not like taste of oil or using other methods.  This method also provides a more accurate volume of CBD per dose.

In conclusion, when starting a CBD regimen, start with the recommended serving dose on the bottle or our website.  Then move your dosage up or down depending how you feel.  For users that have chronic or severe conditions it might take a heavy dose right from the start at a minimum of 40mg of CBD per dose.  If it gives you an uncomfortable or undesired feeling then decrease the dosage.

Warning: If you use any stimulant type medication or drink any type of energy drink or coffee DO NOT TAKE CBD WITHIN a 2 HOUR WINDOW or preferably before you take CBD.  Take it 2 hours before using any of those stimulants to avoid unwanted effects.  CBD will amplify the stimulant and make you feel the effects 5x more.  This can make you feel like you are speeding or agitated.

Whichever way you decide to take CBD it can take some trial and error until you find what works for you.