Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?

We know that CBD can be confusing for many people to figure out.  There are so many unknowns that you may have when deciding if CBD is right for you.  We also recommend that you do your own research to educate yourself a little more on this wonderful known cannabinoid.

When it comes to Gentonix CBD products we understand what our product does for our users, because we do our own test trials with users for various conditions or ailments.  We take the feedback from those users and work with our team to formulate what we feel is the best CBD Oil blends for those particular demographics.

Our passion is to help people find an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.  With CBD still in its infant stage there is still quite a lot to be researched and developed.  In the meantime, we will continue to work with many others in the CBD community to conduct quality R&D.  Our partners includes domestic farms (located in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky), labs, testing facilities, CBD manufacturers, scientist, chemist, herbalist, medical professionals, cultivars, and CBD advocates.  With our combined knowledge we hope to guide you into a natural way of being healthier.

With that being said CBD is not one-size-fits-all.  There are many variables could affect the outcome of your results .

Let’s discuss the product lines we developed and how you can decide what’s right for you.

Gentonix Blue Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Gentonix Blue CBD Oil comes in several different potencies (500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg).  If you need a guide on the potency you need please read our other article about CBD DOSING.  This line is a full spectrum CBD oil which means it is extracted using the whole hemp plant.  The final result is that you get all of the CBD, CBD minors, terpenes, photocannabinoids, and under the legal amount (>0.3%) of THC.  This combination of all these photcannabinoids can produce what many call the “Entourage Effect”.  This means you get all of the beneficial plant photocannabinoids (including CBD & THC & 100+photocannabinoids) which some consider is the way to take CBD.

Gentonix Blue is great for people looking for the most out of CBD without giving up any of its whole plant elements.  If you have a long list of conditions and looking for multiple support management of those issues then this is the CBD Oil for you.

We use fractioned coconut oil and hemp seed oil for better delivery plus the added bonus of Omega 3s and 6s.

What to consider is whether or not you need all of those properties from a Full Spectrum CBD Oil blend.  Some may not want the THC or even the other photocannabinoids, because they may not be beneficial for their needs.  But if you are looking to get the most you can from a CBD oil in its most natural form then this is a top choice.

Gentonix Gold Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Gentonix Gold CBD Broad Spectrum Oil is similar to our Gentonix Blue Full Spectrum except one major difference, THC.  Broad spectrum also uses the whole plant extract to produce this premium CBD oil.  It goes through one additional process to filter out the THC.  This line was created for those looking for the synergistic effects of a full spectrum without the THC. So you still get the benefits of the 100s of photocannabinoids and CBD.

Since this process requires additional filtering this can result in lower percentage of terpenes.  So we formulated a hybrid blend to increase the therapeutic effects by infusing  terpenes known for there therapeutic effects.  This particular blend was selective in targeting pain, neuropathic, joint & bone, and similar ailments.  This blend is not limited to additional benefits usually obtained by a full spectrum oil. The terpenes formulated in this blend are Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene.  The combination of terpenes is meant to help support the mention ailments without the slow-down of THC which many users prefer.

We use fractioned coconut oil and hemp seed oil for better delivery plus the added bonus of Omega 3s and 6s.

If you are looking for the benefits of a full spectrum CBD without the THC then this line is for you.

Gentonix Cloud

This CBD Oil is formulated with a 99+% CBD hemp extract isolate.  This gives you a higher ratio of active CBD without the rest of the photocannabinoids.  Since CBD is the major cannabinoid with the most benefits this is a great fit for many people.  This is a THC free product blended with organic hemp seed oil for a perfect combination.  This product has been reported by our users to help with mental disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, and depression.  But because this blend is so rich in active CBD it also helps with inflammation, balance, and circulation.

Gentonix Cloud uses CBD isolate formulated with organic hemp seed oil for a powerful potent dose.  This formula comes in potent tincture sizes in 1000mg & 2000mg.

This is great for people looking for a THC Free CBD Oil with a high level of active CBD.  This line has no slow-down and keeps you moving through your day with ease.

Gentonix Sunshine Line

This specialized line was developed out of need.  Specially developed and formulated for the daughter of the founder of Gentonix.  The formulation was designed specifically to deal with mental disorders and depression although it is not limited to just that.  This line is also similar to Gentonix Cloud line, but with a terpene boosted formula for mood and focus.  We use 99+% CBD hemp extract isolate blended with organic hemp seed oil with the added boost of a terpenes known to help with mood, anxiety, stress,  and help your mental health.

Gentonix Sunshine Line is THC Free CBD oil made from pure hemp extract combined with isolated plant terpenes of caryophyllene, terpinole, humelene, myrcene, and limonene.  This synergistic combination is right for people looking for a brain booster and mood stabilizer.

So which oil is the best for you? It may be all of them!

Most people think that one CBD oil is going to fix everything.  Well, you aren’t going to take an allergy medicine for a migraine and you aren’t going to take cold medicine for pain.  The point is you may need different Gentonix CBD products for help support different aspects of your well being.

You may want something to help manage your pain, but want to be more alert during the day.  Then we suggest taking the Gentonix Gold in the evening then the Gentonix Cloud during the day.  Maybe you want to sleep better and relax you, but want to manage anxiety during the day.  Then we would suggest Gentonix Blue for the evening and Gentonix Sunshine for the day.

We are passionate about helping you find out what will help you live a better life.  Please feel free to consult with us about your CBD needs.