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As you know the CBD industry has exploded and expected to grow by 800% by 2020.  CBD Oil has become a major trend in the natural health space and shows no signs of slowing down.  We may not be like the big MLM companies in the CBD space, but we’re glad.  Most of those companies do not care about the quality of their products or their affiliates.  Just like our products, we want to provide as much value as we can to helping you become successful marketing our products.

When you join Gentonix we’ll take the time to make sure you have the right knowledge and high quality products.  You’ll get access to sample products and new developments before we take them to market.  Commissions are paid regularly with very appealing commission structures.  No need to bribe your neighbor or friends & family to join, because we offer an attractive commission structure without nagging everyone you know to join a MLM.

While other companies base their payouts on your total volume or number of people you sign up in your down line, we decided to give you the commission you deserve right from the start.  Commission starts at 20% right from the get go.  No levels to work up and no one else to sign up.  Just promote Gentonix with your affiliate link and start making top commissions right from the jump.

We are excited to have you promote a better wellness for the world.  By registering to become an affiliate you agree to the Gentonix Affiliate Agreement and have acknowledged those terms.

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